The lawyers of Bardavío Abogados handle many types of cases.


We handle the accusation or defense
of your interests in all types of
criminal matters.


We advise and assess business risks through a criminal audit.


We handle criminal matters abroad thanks to collaboration agreements with prestigious international lawyers.


Bardavío Abogados has experts in other branches. We defend your interests in dismissals, claims of quantity, breach of contracts, inheritances, etc.


Criminal law

Criminal law, codification of the minimum duties required of society, constitutes the source of security that every society must possess. Bardavío Abogados, experts in criminal law, offers a wide range of criminal services, adapting their proven theoretical knowledge with the efficient practical assistance of the legal profession in the different criminal processes.


The civil branch possibly covers most of the daily problems of citizens, that is why it is necessary that their problems be taken care of by lawyers capable of ensuring the interests that are affected in all the problems that arise each day. The practical functions to develop in this area include from drafting contracts to advice on compensation for various responsibilities, including leases, inheritances ...


If there is a sector that is always open to conflicts, that is the family. Every day there are more divorce proceedings, economic disputes between couples and problems regarding the custody of minors, which is why it is necessary to protect everyone's expectations better. Bardavío Abogados, experts in family law, besides offering a personalized and continuous service for the friendly and contentious resolution of family matters, also offers an experienced assistance in family mediation.

Commercial law

A legal-professional office that boasts of fulfilling the expectations of a family business, SME or self-employed, should cover the commercial sector. The economic activities and transactions carried out each day generate risks that for the layman seem insurmountable and that our firm concludes with the best legal advice and service, both in a preventive manner and in an eventual judicial process. In this measure and with that objective, the Bardavío Abogados office has created a specialized department in the commercial field.


In the current times of generalized crisis, a particularly vulnerable sector is labor. A multitude of irregular dismissals, unpaid and other forms of violation of workers' rights are taking place. Bardavío Abogados is an expert in the resolution of conflicts in the workplace and our main objective is to safeguard in the first place the rights of workers in the different areas -done, modification of the professional category and working conditions, claim of quantity and sanctions-, as well as ensuring the preventive protection of workers' rights.


Our law firm offers a wide range of professional services in administrative matters.

Immigration law

Spain, in difficult times, has been an emigrant country. Currently, Spain has seen its population increase and its economic bonanza thanks in large part to foreigners who have come to work and live in our country. In this sense, our firm has been concerned to offer its foreign clients the best assistance in matters of immigration - temporary and permanent residence, cancellation of expulsion orders, job offers, etc. - through personalized assistance in their own languages, It includes German, Italian, French, Portuguese and English.

Mediation / Arbitration

In recent times, mediation in the various areas in which it operates -family, criminal, civil, minors- and arbitration, have turned out to be a great formula for resolving conflicts without the need to undertake lengthy and costly legal proceedings. For this reason, our firm, with the intention of opening up at the forefront of new forms of conflict resolution, has created a specific department in this area, with specialists in mediation and arbitration.




In a company, whether familiar or not, problems always arise that need a quick solution. Our firm offers a wide range of legal services that guarantee, especially to SMEs, a continuous treatment to all the problems that may arise every day, including also legal assistance in complex and specialized judicial processes.


If something characterizes a self-employed person, it is effort. For this reason, Bardavío Abogados specializes in those daily problems that arise every day to those who have to run their own business, from the formalization of contracts to preventive counseling.
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Continuous legal advice

Many companies and freelancers need continued assistance by a professional law firm, such as prevention and response to the many issues that arise every day. Bardavío Abogados offers continuous assistance in a wide range of services at prices adjusted to each client, regardless of the issues raised, because only in this way can you fulfill the trust placed by our clients and collaborate with a continued assistance to each company or self-employed.
Auditoría penal y Compliance

Criminal audit and compliance

The recent reform of the Criminal Code with regard to the criminal liability of legal persons now requires risk assessment in order to prevent the serious consequences that can be incurred by a company.

About Bardavío Abogados

The law firm Bardavío Abogados has been offering a comprehensive legal service for several years throughout the national territory thanks to the expertise of its partners, which allows a high legal performance with the consequent satisfaction of all its clients.