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Madrid's Office

Calle de la Infanta Mercedes, 111, 1°, 28020 Madrid.


T +34 91 058 25 93

F +34 911 399 801

Collaborating Office in Mexico

VS Corporativo Jurídico


Dr. Lic. Ricardo William Sánchez Rocha (Director General)

Lic. Víctor Sánchez Salgado


León, Guanajuato (México)

Portal Bravo núm. 2 Cond. Plaza 4º Piso

Despacho 401, Zona Centro, CP 37.000

Tel / Fax: 01(477)7161737

Cel: 4771206883 / 4777000850


About Bardavío Abogados

The law firm Bardavío Abogados has been offering a comprehensive legal service for several years throughout the national territory thanks to the expertise of its partners, which allows a high legal performance with the consequent satisfaction of all its clients.