Bardavío Abogados is a firm specializing in Criminal, Labor, Family and Civil Law. Our mission has always been to serve the growing demand for small businesses and individuals with expert lawyers operating throughout the national territory.


We handle the accusation or defense
of your interests in all types of
criminal matters.


We advise and assess business risks through a criminal audit.


We handle criminal matters abroad thanks to collaboration agreements with prestigious international lawyers.


Bardavío Abogados has experts in other branches. We defend your interests in dismissals, claims of quantity, breach of contracts, inheritances, etc.


The Bardavío Abogados firm has for years been defending the rights of citizens and of confessions in the exercise of conscience and/or religious freedom.

The right to conscience and/or religious freedom is a fundamental right of people and human groups. We are specialists in the defense of this type of cases, from the minor courts to the European Court of Human Rights where we have litigated.

Recently the Managing Partner of the firm has published his dissertation The Cults in Criminal Law: Dogmatic study of sectarian crimes, in the prestigious legal editorial J.M. Bosch Editor, which analyzes the behavior of the author of conscience, author by conviction, of the criminal Cults and sectarian crimes.

Religious denominations and their members have the right to proselytize their faith and doctrines, and citizens have no illegitimate interference with their freedom of choice. In this complex problem so often denounced by confessions and particular victims, the Bardavío Lawyers Office is specialized, as well as the defense of the free daily exercise of religious, conscience or ideological convictions in administrative, civil, labor and criminal matters.



Realize Your Constitutional Right With Qualified Help

At Bardavío Abogados we take the responsibility of customer service seriously and never lose focus on your needs. Regardless of the area
​​of expertise you need help with, we want you to feel confident that we always strive and never lose sight of the objectives that concern us.


Bardavío Abogados seeks excellence in all areas of its practice. The firm's lawyers are fully committed to offering the best proposals regarding the treatment of their clients.

Reliability and veracity

Bardavío Abogados knows that you need confidence and we show it to you by informing you punctually and truthfully about your matter.

Personal Excellence

Personal excellence inspired all the attorneys to become the best in their area of law. Through out the years from the firm's inception our attorneys have gone on to become masters.

Growth & Improvement

A law firm cannot survive if it does not change and grow. Guiding that growth is what makes them succeed.

Participation & Recognition

When you Google the names of the firm's attorneys you will find that they are involved in all kinds of activisim. Our attorneys have won awards for activism.


At Bardavío Abogados we encourage a positive and committed team culture. Whenever you contact one of our attorneys, expect to find someone focused on representing you to the best of your ability.


Managing Partner

Practicing lawyer. Doctor of Law and lecturer. Criminal lawyer at the office of Luis Romero y Asociados in Madrid (2011-2015). Interviews for several media and television appearances: TVE (Comando Actualidad), Telecinco Noticias, Antena 3 Noticias, Cuatro...

Carlos Bardavío. Abogado en ejercicio, doctorando en Derecho penal y conferenciante.


Consultant for Spain and Latin America

Edgar Iván Colina Ramírez has a PhD in Law from the University of Seville, a master's degree in Criminal Law from the University of Seville, an Expert in Victimology from the University of Seville. Coordinator of the Degree in Law and professor of Criminal Law at the Cardenal Spínola University Studies Center.

Iván Colina Ramírez. Consultor en España y Latinoamérica.


Collaborating partner in Andalusia

Lawyer, Professor of Labor Law, Diploma in Labor Relations, Technical Occupational Risk Prevention, Commercial and Civil Mediator, Master in Law (CEFOEC).
Author of legal articles in specialized magazines and lecturer in Spain and
Latin America.

Rafael Moreno de Cisneros. Socio colaborador en Andalucía


Director of the corporate area

Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Economics of the Complutense University of Madrid, Master in Economics and Innovation Management from the Complutense University of Madrid, researcher at the Complutense Institute of International Studies in Madrid, doctoral candidate in economics.

Sarai López. Directora del área empresas.


Comments and updated analysis on legal assistance and access to justice issues.

  • The office Bardavío Abogados lectures in Mexico
    The office Bardavío Abogados lectures in Mexico

    Carlos Bardavío, managing partner of the Bardavío Abogados office, delivered many speeches at the University of Mexico (CESCIJUC) on criminal organizations last week, with extraordinary attendance by listeners.

    Written on Wednesday, 30 May 2018 18:19
  • Carlos Bardavío has obtained the degree of Doctor in Law
    Carlos Bardavío has obtained the degree of Doctor in Law

    Carlos Bardavío, Managing Partner of Bardavío Abogados, has obtained the degree of Doctor of Law with the greatest distinction of "sobresaliente cum laude" unanimously from the panel.

    Written on Wednesday, 30 May 2018 21:03
  • New book by Carlos Bardavío: cults in criminal law
    New book by Carlos Bardavío: cults in criminal law

    We are pleased to announce that Carlos Bardavío's doctoral thesis "Cults in Criminal Law" has just been published by the prestigious publisher J.M. Bosch Editor, whose link is attached for those interested in buying it.

    Written on Thursday, 31 May 2018 13:29

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The law firm Bardavío Abogados has been offering a comprehensive legal service for several years throughout the national territory thanks to the expertise of its partners, which allows a high legal performance with the consequent satisfaction of all its clients.