Carlos Bardavío. Socio Fundador.



Practicing lawyer. Doctor of Law and lecturer

Criminal lawyer in the office Luis Romero y Asociados in Madrid (2011-2015)

Interviews for several media and television appearances: TVE (Comando Actualidad), Tele 5 Noticias, Antena 3 Noticias, Cuatro Noticias, La Sexta Noticias, etc.

Professor of Criminal Law (Master's degree at the Universidad Pablo Olavide 2013)

Lecture at the University San Pablo CEU Sevilla: "The Cults and criminal law"

Lecture at CaixaForum: “Workplace harassment in people with Asperger syndrome”

Pending publication: Criminal phenomenology of Cults. Approach to the crime of mental manipulation.

Doctor in Criminal Law with the thesis The Cults in criminal law, under the academic tutelage of the Professor of Criminal Law of the Hispalense University of Seville, Dr. Dr. h. c. mult., Don Miguel Polaino Navarrete.

Master in Criminal Law from the University of Seville.

Diploma in Advanced Studies (D.E.A.) by the University of Zaragoza.

Expert in legal psychology from the University of Columbus Zaragoza.

Degree in Law

Iván Colina Ramírez. Consultor en España y Latinoamérica.



Consultant in Spain and Latin America

Edgar Iván Colina Ramírez has a PhD in Law from the University of Seville, a master's degree in Criminal Law from the University of Seville, an Expert in Victimology from the University of Seville. Coordinator of the Degree in Law and Professor of Criminal Law at the Cardenal Spínola University Studies Center (Fundación San Pablo Andalucía CEU), Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Seville.

Author of the works: Tax Fraud in the Spanish Penal Code (JM Bosch); General considerations about the Federal Law of Extinction of Domain (Ubijus Mexico); Federal Law of Extinction of Domain: Legal-Procedural Analysis (Flores Editor Mexico); On the legitimation of criminal law of risk (JM Bosch).

Author of several articles published in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Peru.

Rafeel Moreno de Cisneros. Socio colaborador en Andalucía.



Collaborating partner in Andalusia

Lawyer, Professor of Labor Law, Diploma in Labor Relations, Technical Occupational Risk Prevention, Commercial and Civil Mediator, Master in Law (CEFOEC).

Author of legal articles in specialized magazines and lecturer in Spain and Latin America.

Mayela Saraí López de Castro. Directora del área empresas y de auditorías.



Corporate audits director

Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Economics of the Complutense University of Madrid, Master in Economics and Innovation Management from the Complutense University of Madrid, researcher at the Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales in Madrid, doctorate in economics and lecturer.


Carlos brings a great professional experience and an extraordinary academic formation in Criminal Law. For Luis Romero y Asociados, it is an important addition that allows us to serve the growing number of corporate and private clients that come to us for advice and for their criminal defense.
Luis Romero CEO, Luis Romero Associates

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